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Fashion Institute of Technology - October 15 2014

227 W 27th Street
New York
NY, 10001

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9:30 am - 10:30 am

Admissions & Student Administrative Services (SAS) Units in the Enrollment Sand Box: Best Practices [1A]
read more... Strategic Enrollment Management requires a robust, malleable and budget conscious communications plan. Admissions being the first port of call must be staffed by persons...

Presenter Dr. Ben Enoma

Explore the Benefits of Waitlisting [1B]
read more... Come and see how waitlists can help your institution with enrollment forcasts. Sudents are not required to get approval by a dean or department chair for a closed course. Just...

Presenter Jacqueline Ottey

A New Frontier-Career Transition Within Higher Education [1C]
read more... Join us for this open discussion on transitioning in Higher Education. How did you begin your career, and Where are you now, and What happened in between. Join us as we reflect...

Presenter Chester Barkan, Presenter Beth Wilcow

Managing a Territory [1D]
read more... Effectively managing a recruitment territory is a critical element for any successful admissions operation. When assuming responsibility for a new territory, where do you begin...

Presenter Richard Sunday

10:45 am - 11:45 pm

FERPA Case Studies [2A]
read more... Join with the facilitator to review and discuss various FERPA situations and consider whether your institution is vulnerable to a breach, ready to respond to an inquiry, or...

Presenter/Convener Susan Nelson Hamilton

“Shake the Tree!” [2B]
read more... When faced with continually growing enrollment, yet shrinking graduation rates, a team at Bergen Community College decided, “It was time to shake the tree”. Join us as we...

Presenter Denise Liguori, Presenter Monica Postle

The new SAT - What can we expect? [2C]
read more... The proposed new SAT exam will be looked at in a historical context to see if the exam is a step in the right direction. Also, the impact of this new text will be examined from an...

Presenter Steven Toplan

Advisement/Registration Roundtable [2D]
read more... Join this roundtable panel to discuss the issues important to you. Whether you work in a small school or large university, we all face the same problems. Best Practices, Doing...

Presenter Helena Minerva

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Federal Regulations - What has changed since last conference? [3A]
read more... New Federal regulations for higher education are frequently created and regulations seem to be changed or updated even more frequently. This session will discuss methods of...

Presenter Michael Maysilles

Blended Admissions/Registrar Office - The Good, The Bad, and We Can Make This Work! [3B]
read more... The trend in higher education has been toward ‘one-stop’ offices combining admissions, registrar, financial aid, and/or student accounts in one location to provide improved...

Presenter Susan Nelson Hamilton, Presenter Wendy Silverman, Presenter Bianca Thompson-Owen

Customer Relations: How To Create A “Win-Win” Environment For Your Office [3C]
read more... Join Clifford L Marshall, II, customer service in education guru, as he discusses and describes what a customer service friendly environment should look and feel like. He will...

Presenter Clifford L Marshall, II

Bridging the Communication Gap: A Cross-Functional Team Approach [3D]
read more... Effective communication within and between departments plays an essential role in the provision of services to students, staff and faculty. Having effective communication between...

Presenter Jamaal Johnson , Presenter Abdul Ali

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