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Hudson County Community College - October 21 2015

Culinary Conference Center, Building E 161 Newkirk Street
Jersey City
NJ, 07306

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9:30 am - 10:45 am

FERPA Update and Case Studies [1A]
read more... This session will provide any updates to FERPA legislation and will provide an opportunity to discuss specific cases with FERPA implications. Attendees will be challenged to...

Presenter/Convener Susan Hamilton

Crisis Management! When awarding transfer credit gets political! [1B]
read more... “Six previous institutions, helicopter parents, students who won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer, straight to the President, and experiential learning credit” with all these...

Presenter Amber Carpenter-LaGattuta , Presenter Alison L. Maysilles

Social Media Is Not Going Away [1C]
read more... If you can't beat them join them. Every campus can agree there is no one proven method of getting important information and deadlines out to students. The question is no longer,...

Presenter Nubia Guzman

Federal Regulations - Understanding Your Role in Compliance [1D]
read more... Compliance with Federal Regulations has recently become much more complex and involves many offices around campus. Whether or not there is a compliance officer on campus, the...

Presenter Michael Maysilles

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

“Shake the Tree!: The Sequel” [2A]
read more... Last year, Bergen Community College shared their story of systematically shaking trees to unearth, analyze and radically change broken and archaic graduation practices. This...

Presenter Denise Liguori, Presenter Monica Postle

Teaching the old dog new tricks – How to keep your staff motivated in a continuously changing enviro [2B]
read more... You’ve probably heard that saying before: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But what does it mean? And is it true? This popular old saying means it can be difficult to...

Presenter Diana Chadi

Transcript Evolution: Making the change from paper to electronic [2C]
read more... Follow one college's plan to move to an E-Transcript solution. The moderator will discuss what changes will be needed in College policies and procedures, the project management...

Presenter Susan Weisman, Convener Suzanne Dennis

Baptism by Fire…Veterans [2D]
read more... Join us for a soup to nuts roundtable discussion on Veterans best practices. Topics will include The Choice Act: Section 701 (Fry-Scholarship)/702 (In-State Tuition), creating a...

Presenter Elaine Gargiulo

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Registrar 101 [3A]
read more... This popular session is designed by the participants for the participants. Join us and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. The Registrar's Office is one of the most busy...

Presenter Chester N. Barkan, Presenter

Our Story: One’s Schools Response to State Authorization Requirements [3B]
read more... This session will review how one school, within a large university, responded to state authorization requirements for a multi-disciplinary unit. Being comprised of in-person,...

Presenter Alexis Fulks

Chopped! [3C]
read more... Four teams of administrators, three scenarios, only one chance to win! The challenge: Create an unforgettable plan from the mystery items hidden in baskets before time runs out....

Presenter Darlene Benzenberg, Presenter Wendy Silverman, Presenter Diana Chadi

Collaboration: How You Can Create a More Inclusive Environment for Students with Disabilities [3D]
read more... Access for students with disabilities is everyone's responsibility, but sometimes it's difficult to know how that pertains to you. Have you ever wondered what makes a classroom...

Presenter Carlie Andrews

Conference Steering Committee