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New York Medical College - Touro - November 03 2016

19 Skyline Drive
NY, 10532

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9:30 am - 10:45 am

The College Sophomore Experience-Redefining our Focus [1A]
read more... This session will examine the challenges of sophomore students at a large urban institution after their exposure to a first-year program. Schaller's student development theory...

Presenter Althea Sterling

Choosing a Student Graduation Speaker [1B]
read more... Join this session to understand how the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School selects student graduation speakers for two annual ceremonies. This selection process...

Presenter Aaron Urbanski

Violence Prevention & Response Training for Higher Education Professionals [1C]
read more... To adequately prevent and manage violence and the threat of violence in Higher Education, there is a need for the implementation and execution of proactive and ongoing violence...

Presenter Dr. Tau Braun

Going Digital – Rethinking Student Services through Technology: Pros & Cons [1D]
read more... As Registrar’s offices continue to meet the challenges to maintain accurate and updated records, and collaborate with Academic/Administrative departments to successfully...

Presenter Linda Bloom

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Navigating the World of VA from an Educator’s Perspective…Oy Vey! [2A]
read more... Join us for a soup to nuts discussion on military culture and what's going on in the world of VA & DOD. Discussions will include recognizing the needs/concerns of military...

Presenter Elaine Gargiulo

FERPA Case Studies [2B]
read more... Join the presenter in a review of recent FERPA cases that colleagues have been discussing. Learn what factors to consider and how the Department of Education Family Policy...

Presenter Susan Hamilton

Academic/Event Scheduling: The Art of Planning [2C]
read more... This round-table open discussion will focus on the different scheduling process and procedures that we use to schedule classes and events at our colleges/institutions. Focusing...

Presenter Linda Bloom, Presenter Sue Weisman

Developing a Communications Plan to boost Enrollment [2D]
read more... We shall develop in this course a cyclical communications plan: spanning the social, cultural, academic, and outcomes integration spaces with no end zone. The plan capitalizes on...

Presenter Benjamin Enoma Ph.D., Presenter Luna Feliciano

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Higher Education Trials and Tribulations [3A]
read more... Have you ever thought you should write a book about what happened in your office, because no one would believe it. You will be placed in groups and each group will be given...

Presenter Darlene Benzenberg, Presenter Jacklyn Molinares, Presenter Jonathan Gomez

Mentoring Young Professionals [3B]
read more... Join with this panel as they discuss tips and techniques for mentoring young staff in a professional environment. Learn how to be a 'coach' rather than just a 'boss'. Pick up...

Presenter Susan Hamilton, Presenter Adrienne Bricker, Presenter Carla Cruz, Presenter Rajeev Jayadeva

How to get to #1 and stay there! [3C]
read more... Come hear the story of how Bergen Community College transformed its graduation drought into the largest graduating class in the college’s history! Learn how our team abandoned...

Presenter Denise Liguori, Presenter Monica Postle

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