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Brooklyn College - April 11 2018


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9:30 am - 10:45 am

Leadership Tips from AACRAO Award Winners [1A]
read more... Join three presenters who recently received the AACRAO Emerging Leader Award. Each of them has demonstrated their ability to lead at their respective institutions and in...

Presenter Rajeev Jayadeva, Presenter Bianca Thompson-Owen, Presenter Kristin Albright Waters, Convener Jonathan Gomez

Mobile Financial Aid: What Your Students Really, REALLY Want [1B]
read more... Students today are used to mobile, online communications—they aren’t used to waiting for information. Too often, complicated, manual, generic financial aid processes create...

Presenter Steven Morris

Connecting the Dots: Understanding the Collaboration, Communication & Connection of Student Services [1C]
read more... One Stop Models are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the country. Student services such as admissions, registrar, advising, and financial aid have worked...

Presenter April J. Johnson, Presenter Angelo Abreu, Presenter Brenda Rodriguez

What is your role in recruiting and retaining students with disabilities? [1D]
read more... Students with disabilities represented nearly 11 percent of all postsecondary students in 2008 (Higher Education, 2009). This is an increase from 9 percent in 2000 (Wolanin, &...

Presenter Cindy Poore-Pariseau

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Higher Education Trials & Tribulations [2A]
read more... Have you ever thought you should write a book about what happened in your offices, because no one would believe it. You will be placed in groups and each group will be given...

Presenter Darlene Benzenberg, Presenter Rajeev Jayadeva

Commencement: From Start to Finish [2B]
read more... Come and learn about how to plan, organize, and execute a successful Commencement Ceremony from Start to Finish! Hear about the challenges, how to overcome them, and how to make...

Presenter Lisle Henderson, Presenter/Convener Lillian Gooden

Ethical Dilemmas in College Enrollment Management Practices: [2C]
read more... The literature of Higher Education and Enrollment management is replete with competitive marketing strategies and the race for FTEs. Qualified students are rare commodities in...

Presenter Dr. Ben Enoma

Recruiting the Un-recruitable? Recruiting and developing culture for non-traditional students [2D]
read more... This session will explore how one Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program re-evaluated its admissions and recruitment procedures and developed a positive culture focused on...

Presenter Brett Pulliam, Presenter/Convener Iris Espinosa

2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

LinkedIn 101 [3A]
read more... LinkedIn has become a crucial component of day-to-day business as well as the modern job search. Find out what you need to know to empower yourself to harness the full power of...

Presenter Chaim Shapiro

Intern, Work-study student, Ambassador, Co-worker: Keys to managing student employees [3B]
read more... Student employees are an integral part of many schools’ ability to meet goals and timelines and have become an important component of the labor force in higher education. Both...

Presenter Richard S. Sunday, Presenter Alison L. Maysilles, Presenter Rachel Littenberg

Streamlining the graduation process using DegreeWorks/E-Notes [3C]
read more... Join us as we take you through how Brooklyn College has gone from a paper graduation audit process to completely online using DegreeWorks and our E-Notes systems.

Presenter Jeffrey Glass, Presenter/Convener Julie Hegner