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Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Newark - March 10 2015

110 Bergen Street B829
NJ, 07103

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9:30 am - 10:45 am

Access for Low Socio Economic Status Urban Students [1A]
read more... This session will begin with an outline of the scope of low SES urban students and factors which affect their predisposition to participate in higher education at different...

Presenter Luke D. Schultheis, Ph.D.

Enrollment 101 – Advice to New Registrars and Admissions Officers [1C]
read more... This session is geared to the Registrar and Admissions Personnel who have been in the profession for less than five years. A panel of professionals will share their experiences,...

Presenter Chester N Barkan, Presenter Thomas Castiglione, Presenter Kaleena L. Murdaugh

Document Imaging - Some Do’s and Some Don’t's [1D]
read more... This session will provide some lessons learned from one university's experience with imaging inactive records. Topics will include: creating and maintaining records that make...

Presenter Carol S. Roth , Presenter Susan Hamilton

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Shaping Higher Education Policy and Reforming Enrollment Praxis [2A]
read more... What import does the reauthorization of Higher Education Act (HEA) have on Admissions and Enrollment Management? Are Equity and Excellence two sides of the same coin? The 114th...

Presenter Benjamin Enoma

Early Audit: A new take on a traditional process [2B]
read more... How to implement an Early Degree Audit system and automate the graduation process. We will discuss methods to improve communications with students, have a paperless process to...

Presenter Alicia Bragg

Transfer Credit Evaluation Roundtable [2C]
read more... Join us for an interactive discussion of transfer credit evaluation processes at our institutions. How are transfer credits evaluated? What are the governing college policies?...

Presenter Alison L .Maysilles, Presenter Amber Carpenter-LaGattuta

SEVIS Compliance and Institutional Responsibilities [2D]
read more... Is your institution in compliance with the SEVIS regulations? Join us as we examine institutional responsibility in the reporting of F-1 students and J-1 exchange visitors. We...

Presenter/Convener Yocasta Brens-Watson, Presenter Jamilah Moudiab

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm

GPAs, SATs, and 500-Word Essays Drafted by Mothers. But Wait…There’s More!! [3A]
read more... Just when you thought you’d seen it all in college admission evaluations, now colleges and universities are using creative and alternative techniques such as video submission...

Presenter Julie Washington, Presenter Jill Steier

Effective management of the registrar’s office: Unlocking the wisdom of our collective experience. [3B]
read more... This presentation provides an overview of key findings from the national College Registrar Training and Technology Survey. Conference attendees are invited to take a broad view of...

Presenter Jennevieve Mitchell

“Doing more with less…and staying sane!” [3C]
read more... Understaffed? Under-resourced? Being asked to take on more responsibilities than ever before? Having trouble balancing work and personal responsibilities? If this sounds familiar,...

Presenter Diana Chadi, Presenter Akiva Koenigsberg

Moving On Up: Career Transition in Higher Education [3D]
read more... This encore session is your opportunity to share your experiences in higher education. Everyone has a different reason for entering the higher education profession. Some were...

Presenter Thomas P. Castiglione, Presenter/Convener Chester N Barkan, Presenter Kaleena L. Murdaugh

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