Dedicated to Professional Development



Section 1. The name of this Association shall be New Jersey-New York Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (NJ-NY ACRAO).

Section 2. The purpose of NJ-NY ACRAO shall be to contribute to the professional development of Registrars, Admissions Officers, Enrollment Management, Student Services, Institutional Research and other professionals associated with collegiate level institutions. To fulfill this purpose, the Association shall provided by means of conferences, activities and resources, for the dissemination of information for the exchange of ideas on issues of common concern.


The membership of NJ-NY ACRAO shall consist of Registrars, Admissions Officers, Enrollment Management, Student Services, Institutional Research and other professionals who are or have been associated with collegiate level institutions.


Section 1.


Section 1. The elected officers are:

A. President
B. Registration Manager
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Web Manager


Section 2. Elections and terms of office:

A. President (one year)
B. Registration Manager (four years) 
C. Secretary (four years)
D. Treasurer (four years)
E. Web Manager (four years)

1) President (one year)
a) Convene and chair the Steering Committee.
b) Appoint host, conference and program chairs and coordinate their activities.
c) Appoint conference evaluation person(s) to conduct evaluation of conference and the sessions.
d) Appoint replacements for other officers as necessary.
e) With the Steering Committee's approval, arrange meeting sites for the next year.
f) The President upon completion of term in office will assume the responsibilities of the Immediate Past President for the following Academic Year.  The responsibilities include serving in an advisory capacity to the new President and Executive Committee and to Chairing the Nominations and Elections Committee.


2) Treasurer (Four Years)
a) Coordinates bank accounts and maintains accounts in the name of the organization.
b) Arranges for the collection of conference fees from Registration Manager and provides official receipts.
c) Arranges for payment of conference and other Association expenses.
d) Prepares official written reports of income and expenditures for conference and annually for the Association. These are to be presented at each conference business meeting, and to the President upon request.
e) Prepares financial statements of all conference expenses.
f) Pays all bills of the association.
g) Prepare documents for audit committee


3) Secretary (4 Years)
a) Distributes minutes of Steering Committee meetings on a timely basis.
b) Maintains a historical record of the organization and its conferences.
c) Updates and maintains current the Steering Committee member list.
d) Is responsible, with the President, for general correspondence to and from the Association.
e) Coordinates mailings.


4) Registration Manager (4 Years)
a) Keeps the membership data base/mailing list current, Google storage. Maintains data from conference registrations. Looks for new members by researching college websites
b) Provides member e-mail addresses for pre-conference announcements
c) Receives all conference registrations, paid or Complimentary
d) Coordinates with Treasure the deposit of fees collected for conference
e) Prepares registration data for Steering Committee meetings
f) Provides a count of each sessions to conference chair for room assignments
g) Produces nametags for Conference attendees. Extra name tags should be available for on-site registrants. Includes ribbons for ‘Presenter’, ‘Steering Committee’, Executive Committee etc. Oversees registration area on day of conference.


5) Web Manager (4 Years)
a) Maintains the Association’s website, Flicker and Facebook pages
b) Enhances Website as needed with advanced technology
c) Manage Domain, Registry, and EarthLink Email System
d) Chairs the Technology Committee and is responsible for overseeing the website.

Section 4. Members of Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee consists of the Executive Committee and the members-at-large as defined in Article II.
  2. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee shall include assisting in the planning of the annual meeting and conference(s) and in other business of the Association, as well as ensuring that the broad opinions of the membership are represented.

    The members-at-large consist of volunteers whose function is to attend Steering Committee meetings, work with people on committee, and insure that the broad opinions of the membership are represented. At-large membership on the Steering Committee shall require attendance at least two planning meetings prior to each conference.

Section 5. Positions appointed by the president

  1. For Fall Conference
    • Host
    • Conference Chair
    • Program Chair
    • Evaluation Chair
  2. For Spring Conference
    • Host
    • Conference Chair
    • Program Chair
    • Evaluation Chair

Section 6. Position appointed by the Steering Committee

  1. The archivist will be appointed by and will serve at the pleasure of the Steering Committee.


Section 1. Nominations Committee

  1. The Nominations Committee shall consist of the three immediate past presidents.
  2. The Committee presents a slate of candidates to the Steering Committee for election by the membership at the Spring conference.

Section 2. Audit Committee

  1. The Audit Committee shall consist of at least two members of the Steering Committee appointed by the President, one of whom shall be appointed as chair by President.
  2. The Committee will audit the Treasurer's accounts and present a written audit report annually to the Steering Committee at a meeting prior to the Spring Conference.

Section 3. Archival Committee

  1. The Archival Committee shall consist of the Secretary and the Archivist who is appointed by the Steering Committee.

Section 4. Technology Committee

  1. The Technology Committee will consist of the Web Manager and the current and immediately previous Conference Program Chairs. Additional members may be appointed by the President.
  2. The Committee will serve as the editorial body for the Association website and provide ongoing review and maintenance of web site content.
  3. The Committee will advise the Steering Committee of technology issues and advances pertaining to the Association's business.


Section 1. Frequency: There will be two conferences a year, subject to site availability, as well as mini conferences, as warranted.

Section 2. Sites: Meeting sites are to be selected by criteria which include: accessibility to public transportation, parking, sufficient meeting and dining facilities.


In all matters not covered by this Constitution, the Association shall be governed by Parliamentary rules as set forth in Roberts' Rules of Order.


An amendment to the constitution may be adopted by a simple majority vote of those in attendance at two consecutive Steering Committee meetings. Any amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Steering Committee at least one meeting prior to the meeting at which the first vote is taken.

Such proposed amendment will be included in the minutes of the Steering Committee.

Revised and Approved 1-25-2001. Amended 4-26-2004